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Lumiquest Quik Bounce Speedlight Modifier

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Manufacturer # LQ122

Our Stock # LUMLQ122

Lumiquest Quik Bounce Speedlight Modifier



Unconditionally Guaranteed Since 1987


The Quik Bounce is designed for use with or without a ceiling to soften the light and transition from horizontal to vertical format without having to adjust or remove the Quik Bounce from the flash. The unique design has doors that can be opened to allow 80% ceiling bounce while redirecting 20% of the light forward to “fill” the shadows cast by the ceiling bounce. When there is not a low, neutral ceiling available to bounce the light, the doors remain closed and 100% of the light is redirected forward.


To soften shadows and reduce unpleasant red eye. Unique design allows for shooting with or without a ceiling in both horizontal and vertical formats. Ideal for wedding and event photographers.


Unless otherwise noted, all LumiQuest accessories fit most standard bounce flashes.  If in doubt, email us.


Self-adhesive Velcro® is included with all LumiQuest products however, if you'd prefer not to use that you may purchase the optional UltraStrap.

Light Loss:

(Doors closed) Approximately 1 1/3 stops. (Doors opened) Variable depending on ceiling height.


Folds flat to 5 3?4" x 7 1?2"


0.25 LBS

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