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PocketWizard G-Wiz Trunk

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Manufacturer # 804712

Our Stock # PW804712

PocketWizard G-Wiz Trunk


G-Wiz Trunk

The perfect case for PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5

This attractive new case is constructed of durable, padded, rip-stop nylon.

The G-Wiz trunk's three-side zipper enables full opening making the contents easy to see and handle. The radios can be placed between the dividers or the dividers can be removed to place a "nested" set of ControlTL radios. There is plenty of room for the PocketWizard AC3 ZoneController, AC9 AlienBees Adapters as well as batteries and other PocketWizard accessories. When zipped up, the case will fit easily within a standard divider of most camera bags. A web loop on one end makes handling the trunk easy.


  • Designed for the MiniTTi and FlexTT5 and Accessories

  • 4-Wall padding for best protection

  • Moveable Dividers

  • Internal Zipper pocket

  • Carrying Loop

Product Dimensions

Length: 7.5 inches (8.9 cm)

Width: 3.5 inches (0.13 cm)

Height: 3.5 inches

Diameter: 0.3 inches

Weight: 19.1 lbs (8.9 oz)

Shipping Dimensions

Length: 9 inches (0.3 cm)

Width: 4.2 inches (22.92 cm)

Height: 4.2 inches (22.92 cm)

Weight: 10.7 lbs. (0.15 kg)

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