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PocketWizard PocketWizard Plus X

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Manufacturer # 801129

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PocketWizard PocketWizard Plus X


PocketWizard PLUS® X Transceiver

The Perfect choice for entry-level wireless shooters as well as current Plus-Series owners, the Plus X is the simplest PocketWizard ever.

This auto-Sensing Transceiver features 10 channels, and new, side-view design. A large dial with backlit numbers makes channels setting easy. An internal-antenna design makes the Plus X more compact and rugged. Auto Relay mode triggers remote camera which in turn triggers a remote flash in sync. Transmit-Only mode is helpful when shooting in large groups using PocketWizard radios. Large, soft-touch TEST button makes hand operation positive and easy.

The PlusX is compatible with every PocketWizard FCC radio and all PocketWizard-enabled studio flash units as well as Sekonic light meters. Powered by two AA batteries, the Plus X comes standard with basic connecting cables for many popular flashes.

PocketWizard Plus X features include:

Auto-Sensing Transceiver – Easy to use. No settings to make.

10 Channels – 1-4 Classic plus 5-10 low-traffic channels

Backlit Channel Dial – Easy to set channels in the dark

Internal Antenna – Compact, more rugged design

Auto-Relay Mode – Trigger remote camera and flashes simultaneously

Transmit Only Mode – Positive operation in large groups

Side View Design – Better subject view on camera

PocketWizard reliability – PocketWizard compatibility

  • Frequency:

  • FCC/IC: 344.04 MHz North America
    CE: 433.62 MHz EU/Asia/Other

  • Channels:

  • 10 channels
    Reverse compatible with all PocketWizard radios using Standard channels using same frequency.

  • Zones:

  • Single zone

  • Antenna:

  • Precision tuned internal coil

  • Channel Setting:

  • Backlit rotating dial

  • Range:

  • Up to 500 meters (1600 feet)
    (Actual range is dependent on multiple factors including equipment, mode, environment, positioning, orientation and interference)

  • Sync Speed:

  • Up to 1/250 for focal plane shutters
    Up to 1/500 for leaf shutters

  • Triggering Speed:

  • Up to 14.5 frames per second (FPS)

  • Contact Time:

  • 62 milliseconds in normal operation

  • Status Indicator:

  • LED: Green, Amber, Red status indications
    Solid Red: Triggering signal sending or receiving
    Single Green Blink: Status OK, > 50% battery life
    Double Amber Blink: Battery life < 50% but > 25%
    Triple Red Blink: Battery life < 25%, change batteries

  • Transmit Output Power:

  • Less than 1 milliwatt (0.001 watt)

  • Power:

  • Two (2), AA (LR6), 1.5v alkaline recommended
    NiMH, NiCAD, NiZn, Lithium acceptable (these chemistries may not report battery life accurately)
    DO NOT USE 3.6V Li-Ion AA cells!

  • Battery Life:

  • Up to 100 hours (with alkaline batteries)

  • Max Port Sync Voltage:

  • 300 Volts (Camera/Flash Port)

  • Mac Current Handling:

  • 1.0 A peak, 0.2 A (1/5 Amp or 200 milliamp) continuous current limited

  • Voltage Present:

  • 3 volts, safe for use with all digital and film cameras

  • USB:

  • None

  • Housing:

  • High impact plastic with captive battery door

  • Weight:

  • 3.9 ounces (110 grams) (0.25lbs.) with batteries installed

  • Dimensions:

  • Height: 4.2 inches (10.7 cm)
    Width: 2.1 inches (5.3 cm)
    Depth: 1.2 inches (3.0 cm)

  • Ship Dimensions

    Operating Temperature:

  • Length: 5.25 inches (13.34 cm)
    Width: 4.75 inches (12.07 cm)
    Height: 1.75 inches (4.45 cm)

    Weight: 0.31pounds (0.14 kg)

    Above 5° F (-15° C) and below 120° F (50° C).

  • Storage Temperature:

  • Above -22° F (-30° C) and below 185° F (85° C) (without battery)

  • Input/Output:

  • 3.5mm (1/8") stereo miniphone jack, hot shoe

  • Mounting:

  • Hot shoe, lanyard/D-Ring loop, 1/4-20 threaded insert

  • In the Box:

  • Quick Guide
    Stereo 3.mm (1/8") miniphone to miniphone cable
    Mono 3.5mm miniphone to locking PC cable
    Stereo 3.5mm miniphone to 6.3mm (1/4") adapter

  • RoHS Compliant:

  • Yes

  • Optional Accessories:

  • Isolation bar, trigger buttons, camera motor drive cables, PC cables and adapters, flash sync cables and protective case

  • Origin

  • USA

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