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Samsung EX-S30NB 30mm f/2.0 Pancake Prime Lens

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  • Prime focal length of 30mm

  • Maximum aperture of f/2

  • Weighs only 85 grams

  • Slim profile

  • Suitable for standard wide angle and portraiture

Manufacturer # EXS30NB

Our Stock # SAMEXS30NB

Samsung EX-S30NB 30mm f/2.0 Pancake Prime Lens


EX-S30NB 30mm f/2.0 Pancake Prime Lens

EX-S30NB 30mm f/2.0 Pancake Prime Lens has a fast aperture of f/2 which is fast enough for stunning low light photos and also suitable for the purpose of creating nice soft bokeh. The design is flat and slim and weighs only 85 grams. The focal length is a fixed 30mm.

Increase the drama in your pictures

The Samsung 30mm pancake lens lets you create dramatic images where the focus is solely on your subject. Optimised for shallow depth of field, to single out your subject and at the same time it achieves extraordinary background blur. You’ll also experience exceptionally bright images, even in low-light situations. And it’s small enough and light enough to carry everywhere — making it ideal for portraits, landscapes and everyday snapshots.

A slim lens that delivers all the details

Ultra-compact, ultra-light, and ultra-powerful: the Samsung 30mm pancake lens preserves the slim profile of the NX series. In fact, its slim size makes it the perfect general-purpose lens for photo buffs who need flexibility and portability. Very light at only 85 grams, it won’t weigh you down. So whether you’re walking around downtown or out in the country, you can capture incredibly beautiful cityscapes or landscapes in a variety of conditions.

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