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Return Policy


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a product, simply return it within 10 days for all Digital, Video and Wireless Phone products, 30 days for all other products, to RitzCamera.com for a no hassle exchange or return. Please note regarding Electronics products, some require Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and some are non-returnable.

A restocking fee of up to 25% may be charged on some items and items that do not meet the Return Requirements listed below. Additional conditions and requirements may apply – please read our full return and exchange policy.


  • Returned products must be in brand new, mint condition.
  • Items must be in the original, undamaged manufacturer's packaging with all packaging materials, including instruction booklets, packing inserts, plastic bags, and the blank warranty cards. The manufacturer's labeled packaging must be enclosed within a new shipping carton.
  • Software must be unopened and in the original sealed packaging.
  • Any Blister packed items or products that come in hard plastic wrap can only be returned if unopened and in original condition.
  • All Digital Equipment, Video Equipment and Wireless Telephone products must be returned within 10-days of receipt of purchase.
  • Please note that the warranty card must not be filled out.
  • Please note we do not accept returns on International purchases at this time.

If the item being returned does not meet the above conditions, has been opened or shows signs of wear the return may be refused and returned to you or you may be charged a 25% restocking fee.

Returns must be received by RitzCamera.com within 14 calendar days after notifying RitzCamera.com of intent to return. After receiving and inspecting the returned merchandise, we will reimburse you for the purchase price of the item. You will be refunded in the same method in which you paid for the merchandise originally. If a check refund is due, please be advised that it may take up to 30 days to receive your refund. After the return period has expired, please contact the manufacturer to resolve any problems with your equipment. All returns have to be Mailed - In.

Auction Returns:
All Auction Sales Are Final. Auction items can be returned only for defective replacement. If the winning auction item you receive is not in working order, simply return it within 10-days of receipt to RitzCamera.com for an exchange or, if the item is no longer available, a refund. If the ten-day exchange period has past, all items, unless otherwise noted in the description, come with the full warranty offered by the manufacturer. To obtain warranty service, please take the product, along with the invoice you received, to any authorized dealer or service center.

It is important to understand the standards that have been established within the electronics industry regarding the terms and conditions of a sale. The standards are as follows:
The purchases of computers, peripherals, software, and other consumer electronics are subject to manufacturer restrictions that may be different from other product purchases you have made. All computer, peripheral, software and consumer electronic product returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which can be obtained by contacting our Customer Service department. These category returns are subject to a restocking fee. Several manufacturers’ policies and restrictions disallow product returns. Products from the following manufacturers (not all inclusive) are not returnable to RitzCamera.com: Adobe, 3Com, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Intel, HP, Microsoft, Toshiba, Quark and Sony. The aforementioned list of manufacturers is not a comprehensive list and may change from time to time. You will need to contact these manufacturers directly regarding return or replacement of their products in accordance with their respective guarantees and/or warranties.

Please save all packaging and accessories for any item that is to be returned. All original equipment, components, manuals, cables, documents and packaging must be returned with your item for your return to be accepted. All returns are inspected prior to credit being given and a return may not be accepted or additional restocking fees may apply if all items are not returned in a new condition. An item returned for a replacement may be repaired or replaced at the company’s discretion, unless otherwise required by law. Products with specific refund and return policies and deadlines must be returned within the time periods specified for each item. All items sold through our websites are subject to our Privacy and Security Policy regarding use of the site and order acceptance, which is located in our Help Section. Physically damaged items cannot be returned.

You must also return the free gift in order to receive a full refund. If you are unable to do so, the value of the free gift will be subtracted from the purchase price of the item being returned. You will be refunded the difference. The value of the free gift is based on the price it was regularly sold for on the date of your original purchase.

Shipping charges
Original shipping charges are not refundable. Shipping charges on returned products are the responsibility of the customer. RitzCamera.com will match the shipping method and pay for shipping charges on replacement or exchanged products. We strongly recommend you fully insure your return shipment in case of loss or damage.

Standard Return Policy
Our Standard Return Policy covers all products, unless otherwise indicated. Merchandise under our Standard Return Policy may be returned within 30 days of the original invoice date for a refund or exchange with the exception of all Digital, Video, Wireless Phone, DVD, CD and Video Game products which must be returned within 10 days of the original invoice date for a refund or exchange. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Many manufacturers offer additional factory coverage; you should contact the manufacturer of your item directly for information regarding eligibility and specific terms and conditions.

Restocking Fee
A 25% restocking fee may be charged unless the item is defective, damaged, you received the wrong item, or law prohibits the fee. A restocking fee of up to 25% will be charged on special products as noted and an additional fee may be charged for products returned as defective that test to be operational upon return. Additionally, any return that has missing accessories or is incomplete in packaging may be rejected or will be subject to an additional restock fee to cover the price of the missing item.

Manufacturer's (End-User) Warranties
RitzCamera.com does not offer any express warranties; however, many of the products are covered by Manufacturers' Warranties. Manufacturers' warranty details are typically available at the manufacturer's website; click here to see a list of the manufacturers whose items we carry. Manufacturers' warranties can also be obtained for free by contacting the manufacturer. Please note that products in this category are non-refundable unless otherwise indicated.

Some products must be returned directly to the product manufacturer for repair or replacement, unless otherwise required by law. For these items, the warranty policy from the product manufacturer explicitly requires that any returns, repairs etc. be requested and processed directly by the consumer (or "end-user") of the item. More specific return policies are designated for the item categories listed below.



  • Refund period: 10 days from original invoice date.
  • Replacement period: 30 days from original invoice date.
  • Buyers requesting a refund may be charged a restocking fee of up to 25%.
  • Physically damaged CPUs cannot be returned, including physical damage due to improper installation.

Tablet and Notebook PCs

  • Notebook/Tablet PCs are not returnable.

Consumable Items

  • Consumable items such as Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges, CD/DVD Media, Paper Products etc. may only be returned if the product is unopened. Buyers requesting a refund may be charged a restocking fee of up to 25%.


  • Retail boxed software can only be returned for replacement if it is defective or damaged. You may exchange defective software for an identical replacement by contacting Customer Service and acquiring an RMA number. No software returns will be accepted after 7-days. All OEM software including Operating Systems is non-refundable once purchased and delivered. OEM versions are intended for system builders only and cannot be transferred to another PC once it is installed. Purchasers of this software are required to comply with the terms of the System Builder License, including responsibility for providing all end-user support. RitzCamera.com is not responsible for system/software incompatibility, and incompatibility issues do not qualify software as damaged or defective. Customers are encouraged to contact the respective software publisher for answers to technical questions, such as minimum system requirements, prior to purchase.


  • Televisions cannot be returned. You are urged to carefully examine the box your television ships in before signing for the package. Upon delivery, please inspect the exterior shipping box and the television carefully for damage while the shipper is still present. If you discover any damage, please refuse delivery and you will receive a refund of the purchase price, shipping and handling fees, and sales taxes (if any). When you sign the carrier’s delivery receipt and/or sign for the ‘white glove’ delivery service, you are acknowledging and accepting the terms of this return policy and receipt of your order. Should you observe any damage to the shipping box, or if the wrong product was sent, you must refuse delivery while the shipping courier is still on the premises.
  • If, after delivery, the television does not work, all returns, in-house servicing (if applicable), and warranty repairs are handled exclusively by the manufacturer. Televisions cannot be returned to RitzCamera.com.

Manufacturer-Recertified Refurbished and Open-Box Items

  • RitzCamera.com often sells items that are listed as "manufacturer recertified" or "open-box." Because these items are sold at greatly reduced prices, they bear a limited 10-day refund-only return policy. Accessories MAY NOT BE INCLUDED with refurbished products, even if the missing accessory was included in the original packaging. We cannot provide replacement service for these items, as their stock is limited. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of these items is with the buyer. These items have been tested for functionality, but may have superficial physical defects including (but not limited to) scratches, dings or dents. Should these items prove defective following their purchase, the buyer (not the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer) assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repairs, unless otherwise required by law. These items are not covered by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


Physical Damage Policy
Physically damaged items cannot be returned.

Improper installation of CPU fans and/or improper clocking may cause CPUs to chip. CPUs that are chipped, burnt or have bent/broken pins are considered physically damaged and cannot be returned for refund or replacement. Physical damage includes (but is not limited to) improper handling and any other type of damage sustained by irregular use.

Forcing a processor into position will not solve an installation problem and may void your return policy. If you return any physically damaged item, the item will be returned to you at your expense.

DVD - CD - Video Games
DVD’s, CD’s and Video Games are non-returnable and non-refundable, but can be returned within 10 days of the invoice date for a replacement of the same title if the item is defective. Items cannot be exchanged for a different item or title.

LCD Dead-Pixel Policy
RitzCamera.com adheres to the 7 (seven) dead-pixel policy that is observed by the majority of our manufacturers. In order to declare any product with an LCD screen "defective" and eligible for replacement or refund through our return policy, there must be a minimum of 7 (seven) dead LCD pixels.

Rebates/UPC Codes
Products offering mail-in rebates are not returnable once the rebates have been filed. Be sure that the product is functional and that you intend to keep the product before sending in for your rebate. Products missing UPC codes or serial numbers from the box are NOT returnable, are non-refundable, and will be rejected. Only the product manufacturer can replace any defective item missing the UPC code.

Bundle Specials
Bundle Specials contain multiple items offered together at a discounted price. Offers are valid only while supplies last. Purchasing multiple units of a Bundle Special that feature a mail-in rebate may yield only one redeemable rebate offer (per the manufacturer's "limit one per household" provision). If you wish to return a Bundle Special for a refund, you must return the ENTIRE BUNDLE within specified return period from the date of purchase. Note that a restocking fee of up to 25% will be applied. Components within a Bundle Special may be returned for replacement only. Individual items may only be returned for replacement if an RMA number is acquired within the Standard Return period.

Please note: In some cases a bundle discount has been applied to each item. You will be refunded the discounted price, which may differ from the price if you purchased it individually.

Out of Stock or Back-ordered Items
You will be issued a refund, if you return an item for an exchange (if the product qualifies for an exchange) after the product has been discontinued and we are out of stock.



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Cancel an order

Due to our commitment to process orders quickly, there is a short period of time in which you may cancel your order. You may choose to cancel your entire order or a portion of your order as long as the order has not yet been sent to our warehouse for fulfillment. Once the order has been sent to our warehouse for fulfillment, we can request cancellation, however, should your order/item(s) ship, simply REFUSE delivery, and when the merchandise is returned to us a refund will be initiated.

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Change your subscription

To remove your name from our E-mail correspondence or our catalog mailing list, just let us know by clicking here.

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Sales Tax


The amount of tax charged by the seller on internet purchases depends on several factors, including the business operations of the seller, the type of item purchased, and the destination of the shipment. If you purchase a taxable item, we will collect sales tax on shipments delivered into the states listed below. You will not be charged sales tax if shipped to any other state. However, this does not mean your purchase is exempt from tax simply because we did not charge sales tax. You may still owe a consumer's use tax on your purchase if the item is not specifically exempt from tax.Your purchase is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet or by other remote means.

The states we collect sales/use taxes for:

New Jersey

No sales tax is charged when purchasing gift cards; however, purchases paid for with gift cards may be subject to tax.

How Tax Is Calculated

If an item is subject to sales tax in the state to which the order is shipped, tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of each individual item. In accordance with state tax laws, item-level and order-level shipping and handling charges may also be taxable.

The tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and local rate for the address where your order was shipped. Therefore, the sales tax rate applied to your order may be different for an order shipped to your home address than it is for an order for the very same items shipped to your work address. RitzCamera.com obtains sales tax rates from a leading tax rate service provider.

Note that many factors can change between the time you place an order and the time of credit card charge authorization, which could affect the calculation of sales taxes. The amount appearing on your order as Estimated Tax may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged.

Some merchandise and shipping methods require special state/local sales tax calculations that may alter the estimated amount. Also, since we receive tax updates daily, tax law changes may occur between order placement and credit card charge authorization that could result in an increase or decrease in taxes charged. We also offer a number of flexible shipping options that could change the calculation of sales tax. Thus, we cannot know with certainty how allocations of shipping charges and promotional discounts will be made to individual items when we quote estimated taxes at the time your order is placed.

Tax-Exempt Documentation

United States Government Purchasers


Sales tax does not apply to purchases made by the United States Government. In order to document that a sale has been made to the U.S. Government, we need to obtain a copy of one of the following:

  • Federal tax ID certificate
  • Certificate of exempt status
  • Government Voucher
  • Check from the U.S. Government payable to RitzCamera.com

Other Exempt Purchasers

All other exempt purchasers need to provide us with a copy of a state resale certificate, exemption certificate, or other acceptable proof of your exempt status for the state where the items will be shipped.

The documentation submitted should include the name of the organization that purchased the items. Please submit the necessary information by fax or e-mail prior to placing your order to ensure tax is not charged. Our fax number is (301) 419-2995. You may also send scanned copies in PDF format to customerservice@ritzcamera.com

Please include the following:

  • Contact information - phone number and E-mail address
  • Acceptable proof of your exempt status (as outlined above)
  • The name of the organization that purchased the items
  • If sending a fax, mark your fax "Attn: Tax Exempt Order"

The following documents are not acceptable proof of exemption:

    1. Federal Form W-9.
    2. A letter from the IRS assigning your business a Federal ID Number.
    3. A letter from the IRS that indicates your business or organization is exempt from federal income tax (e.g., a 501(c)(3) organization).
    4. A copy of your sales tax permit.



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Shipping and Delivery Options - US


*Free ground shipping on most orders over $100...EXCLUDES Auction, Clearance, Limited Specials, Oversized and Heavier Items and shipments to AK, GU, HI, PR & VI. Your actual shipping charges for each product will be shown to you prior to completion of the checkout process.

Delivery options and estimated ship times in business days:


Note: Other charges apply for clearance,
auction, oversized and heavier items.
Ground Service
for orders over $100.00*

(3 to 7 business days)
Ground Service
for orders under $100.00*

(3 to 7 business days)
2 Business Day Delivery
Next Business Day Delivery*
(1 business day)
Saturday Delivery*


You'll see an estimated shipping time for each item on the order, just before you place your order.

We calculate delivery estimates by taking the estimated shipping time and adding the time it takes a package to travel from our facilities to your destination address, based on the shipping speed you've chosen.



For example, if you order an item that is listed as " Usually ships in 1-2 business days " and select standard U.S. shipping (which typically takes 3-5 business days), you can use the chart above to determine that your order should arrive 4-7 business days after you place it.

* Important Shipping & Handling Information:

  • Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and military APO/FPO orders will incur extra shipping charges:

Alaska & Hawaii: $29.99
Guam, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands: $39.99
  • Most items shipped to APO, FPO, PO Box, AK, GU, HI, PR & VI addresses will be received within 5 to 7 calendar days. Some orders may take up to 30 calendar days. Most products can be shipped to APO, FPO, PO Box, AK, GU, HI, PR & VI addresses; however, there are some exceptions. Additionally, we do not offer express delivery to military APO, FPO, PO Box, AK, GU, HI, PR & VI. If a product cannot be shipped to an military APO, FPO, PO Box, AK, GU, HI, PR & VI, you will receive an email or phone notification. Please note: The U.S. Postal Service has banned shipping of any electronic devices containing lithium batteries from the United States to overseas locations.
  • In stock orders usually ship in 1-2 business days (excludes weekends and holidays). Orders placed after 7:00 am EST on Friday will be shipped out on Monday.
  • The warehouse does not ship on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving (Thurs. & Fri.). .
  • Auction items are charged $12.95 per item for ground delivery.
  • Clearance items under $99 are charged $3.00 per item plus $6.95 per order for ground delivery.
  • Clearance items over $99 are charged $9.95 per item for ground delivery.
  • Not all items can be shipped Express Delivery (Next day, two day or Saturday delivery).


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Back Ordered Items Shipping & Handling


If you order items with different shipping availability dates - for example, an in-stock item along with a back ordered item - each item will ship as soon as it's available. If the original order was placed using Next Day or 2-Day delivery options, the back ordered items will be shipped using FedEx Ground service at no additional cost to you.


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Low Prices, Guarantee


At RitzCamera.com, our low price guarantee assures you that you are getting a competitive, low price. If you find a price lower than ours on the Internet, and you meet the eligibility requirements listed below, you may qualify for a price match. Please note: certain manufacturers' restrict discounts to their products. Excluded manufacturers will not be considered for a price-match.

You may be eligible for a price-match refund if your request meets the following conditions:

  • Our Low Price Guarantee is valid only for qualified Internet retailers. Qualified internet retailers must be listed on the manufacturer's website.
  • The Internet retailer must have the identical product in-stock and the product is priced accurately.
  • If RitzCamera.com is offering any special give aways or customized outfits (case, strap, quartz date features, free paper, etc.), we cannot consider that an equal item.
  • Price match requests must be submitted within three (3) days from the date of purchase at RitzCamera.com.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee is valid for only one price match per order and is limited to up to three (3) of the same product, shipped to the same address.
  • We only price match USA retailers and websites.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee is limited to a maximum of $100.00 per price match request.

When requesting a price match, please be aware that prices will be compared on the following criteria:

  • Prices are compared by item and include the product price, applicable taxes, plus shipping & handling charges when calculating the competitor's total price.
  • Ritz only validates price matched on products that state ships in 24hrs.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply when you use coupons, promotional offers, or product-bundle pricing on the order.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply to non-USA Warranted products or gray market items on our site. 'Gray' products are purchased overseas by some retailers for unauthorized and unsupported resale in the United States.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee excludes closeout specials, auction items, clearance items, refurbished or used products, special orders, special 'club member' pricing, products subject to a no return policy and incorrect pricing that is the result of a typographical error or omission.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply in our Cellular Phone or Clearance sections.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply to products that have not been released/shipped by the manufacturer, newly released products, or products in a backorder status or on restrained supply from the manufacturer.
  • We are sorry, we are unable to match prices for orders shipping to Canada or Internationally.
  • The Low Price Guarantee is subject to change at any time.

    Please note: certain manufacturers' restrict discounts to their products. Excluded manufacturers will not be considered for a price-match.

    In determining a price match, RitzCamera.com will apply the fair-market price for bundled / kit items offered at no charge with purchase.

Apply for a Price Match

  • To apply for a price match, simply send a copy of your RitzCamera.com sales receipt or invoice as proof of purchase, the competitor's printed and dated Internet ad with price circled and url address and company phone number (so we can validate the price and the product is in stock. Send to:
    RitzCamera.com, 2 Bergen Turnpike, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

In most cases we can match the pricing submitted by a customer due to large buying power and inventory volume. However, when the price request goes below our cost we will not honor the lower pricing because it is usually the result of unethical selling practices such as:

  • Retailers selling gray market items, which are items that have been manufactured for overseas distribution. These items can be purchased at lower prices but they do not carry the USA manufacturer warranty, instruction manuals are in a foreign language and the camera may not have the same features.
  • Retailers that offer considerably lower prices online but charge exorbitant shipping, handling and insurance charges.
  • Retailers that employ bait and switch tactics. These unethical retailers show considerably lower prices online and then contact you by telephone and try to force you to buy additional overpriced accessory kits and warranties, or tell you the item is out of stock or discontinued and try to sell you a different product entirely.
  • Retailers that specialize in the sale of discontinued or refurbished products or products that have been purchased in distressed condition and represent those products as new.
  • Retailers that are not Manufacturer Authorized Online Resellers, which can result in the product not being under warranty and thus being sold at lower prices.

    Qualified Internet Retailers

    • Amazon.com
    • BestBuy.com
    • Bluelight.com
    • CompUSA.com
    • Dell.com
    • MyCamera.com
    • Officedepot.com
    • Officemax.com
    • Outpost.com
    • Staples
    • Target.com
    • WalMart.com

    The competitor's pricing must be their advertised price. Price 'quotes' will not be accepted.

RitzCamera.com wants you to be a 100% satisfied customer. We offer the largest online inventory, competitive pricing and added value on most of purchases. We offer Free Shipping on most orders over $100.00, and we offer a liberal return policy and exchange privileges. (Please see our Return/Exchange Policy) Shop with confidence at RitzCamera.com! Of course, if you receive a great price on an item from another online retailer and are confident that you will receive what you are ordering, then we encourage you to purchase the item from that retailer.


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Secure Shopping Guarantee


The Secure Shopping Guarantee protects you while you shop at RitzCamera.com, so that you never have to worry about credit card safety. When shopping at RitzCamera.com online, you can shop with confidence.

When making your purchases on our secure server, you are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. By using SSL technology, your order information is encrypted to avoid the decoding of that information by anyone other than RitzCamera.com. This makes online buying as secure as purchasing by telephone.

We guarantee that every transaction you make at RitzCamera.com will be 100% safe. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping at RitzCamera.com.

In general, under federal law, you will not be liable for more than $50 of fraudulent charges. In the unlikely event that you are subject to fraudulent charges, remember to first notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. If, for whatever reason, you are held responsible for this amount, RitzCamera.com will cover the entire liability for you, up to $50, as long as the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made from RitzCamera.com while using our secure server.


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Payment Methods


We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Credit and Debit Cards:
Your order is charged at time of shipping and if a partial shipment occurs, your order may be charged in full at that time.

When you place an online order, we authorize your credit/debit card to make sure sufficient funds are available. The financial institution places a hold on funds equal to your order total until the order is fulfilled. This hold will also apply to any items backordered until items come into stock and are shipped.

If your order is canceled, the financial institution that issued your card determines the time required to remove the authorization. The authorization will automatically expire based on the type of card used for payment. The following is the estimated period of time from the point of authorization to automatic expiration of the authorization for common methods of payment.

Payment TypeTime Required

Debit or check cards - depends on bank
Visa/MasterCard - depends on bank
American Express

24-72 hours
7 - 14 days
30 days
30 days

If your order is backordered or the item does not ship by the time the authorization automatically expires, another authorization will be required at the time the merchandise ships. If you need more information, please call your bank or credit card company

If a refund is due, you will be refunded in the same method in which you paid for the merchandise originally. If a check refund is due, please be advised that it may take up to 30 days to receive your refund.


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Place an Order


Do I have to register to place an order?

Absolutely not, we do not require our customers to register.

Are there alternative ways to place an order?

You may also send your orders to:

Ritz Camera & Image
Attn: Customer Service
2 Bergen Turnpike
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660




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Manufacturer Warranty


All new products purchased on RitzCamera.com are supplied with original manufacturer warranties.


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Manufacturer-Recertified Refurbished and Clearance / Open-Box Items


Q: What does "refurbished" mean?

A: Refurbished products are products that were originally purchased and returned by customers. The returned products are sent back to either an original manufacturer or a third-party refurbishment company repair centers where they can usually be restored to like-new condition. In the case of our Nikon refurbished digital SLR’s, all of these cameras are refurbished by the Nikon factory and are restored to the original Nikon factory specifications. The refurbished Nikon cameras come with a 90 day factory warranty.

Q: Why did customers return these products?

A: Refurbished products may have been returned for any number of reasons. Sometimes the product may not have been working properly, but more often the reason for the return was something as minor as the wrong size, color, a compatibility issue or the customer not knowing how to properly use the product.

Q: Are refurbished products tested to make sure they work properly?

A: Yes. Regardless of the reason for their return, refurbished products are inspected by professional technicians who first troubleshoot and then perform any necessary repairs to ensure full functionality.

Q: Why should I purchase a refurbished product?

A: Buying refurbished products saves you money. Refurbished products are sold at a savings versus the cost of the same product brand new.

Q: Can I return a refurbished product if I have a problem with it?

A: Yes, our standard Return Policy applies. See individual product detail pages for applicable warranty information.

Q: How does buying a refurbished product help the environment?

A: By purchasing these products, you not only save money but also help reduce environmental waste by preventing the unnecessary disposal of these fully functional products. Refurbished products are often returned with nothing wrong with them at all, or require only minor functional and/or cosmetic repairs. Buying refurbished products is a great way to help support the environmental "green" effort.

Clearance Merchandise & Open-Box items
A Clearance product may have been one of a group of display items. Although many appear to be New-In-Box, any given item may have cosmetic blemishes, been slightly used or may be missing small, inconsequential pieces. All open-box/display items contain instruction manuals and any accessories necessary for routine operation and come with the standard manufacturer's warranty (generally one-year) unless specifically stated otherwise. In addition to the warranty, should any Clearance item prove to be defective upon delivery, please return it within ten days for an exchange or a refund if a replacement is not available


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